Baseball Is Back!!

Baseball season is finally here! After a brutal winter, baseball fans everywhere are rejoicing in the fact that with the 2015 season under way, that also means warm weather is on its way as well. With every team’s season already started, it is time to take a look at what this year has in store and what teams to keep a close eye on. We will start with my hometown team, the Baltimore Orioles. Two days into the season, the Orioles are at the top of the AL East division. They still have a lot of games to play and have been projected to be at the bottom of the division by the end of the season. With the departure of beloved Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis, fans are interested in seeing who steps up to his position. Travis Snider is the man to watch.  Taking Nick Markakis’s place, Snider is a veteran player who played for the Toronto Blue Jays for four years and then played for the Pittsburgh Pirates for two years. Snider told “I don’t look at it as filling anybody’s shoes…the  focus for us remains on the guys that are here and whatever we’ve got to do every night to win ballgames.” I am excited to see what the reigning AL East Division Champions have in store for this season.

Check out this cool Orioles preview video made by hbaring97

For the National league the Atlanta Braves are in the top spot for the East division, the Cincinnati Reds are at the top of the Central division with one win and zero loses, and the Colorado Rockies are at the top of the West division. Even though the Nationals are not at the top of their division right now, they have been projected to be at the top spot for the rest of the season. With three of their top players on the disabled list, they still have plenty of ammunition to win. There is still A LOT of baseball to be played but the fun for baseball fans everywhere is just beginning.


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